Soon, Land Records will be Computerized

Land Records will be Computerized

The Babar Hayat Tarar Revenues Commission visited the Punjab Land Record Office (PLRA) on Wednesday. PLRA, Executive Secretary Sohail Ashraf, explained the performance of government agencies. The Revenue Appellate Body said a project to computerize the city’s land register and all maps would soon begin in collaboration with the Punjab State Government and the World Bank. These initiatives will computerize and integrate the land management system, making it possible to obtain all land registration information and services in Punjab with a single click.

Senior members emphasized the need for coordination and technical communication between PLRA staff, other staff, and field workers. He also ordered PLRA officers to entrust the inspection of computerized Gildawalis. He also appreciated the service structure for employee benefits and promotion. At the meeting, an agreement between the Department of State and PLRA was soon signed and it was decided that the service would begin at the Overseas Arazi Records Center.

SMBR has ordered the expansion of the environmentally friendly PLRA building through tree planting and horticulture to meet the needs of the headquarters. The senior member’s revenue committee has so far had 1,500 Dahi Marakz Maal access to computerized land registry records, with an additional 4,000 by the end of this month and 8,000 by January 2022, all of which. You have been informed that you have access to computerized records.

All steps related to infrastructure upgrades, data storage, and security measures are completed in advance. According to the PSCA COO, the Punjab Safe City Authority will provide as much support as possible to launch the Sialkot Safe City Project. On this occasion, Sialkot’s DPO, Omar Sayed, announced the importance of Sialkot’s Safe City project. He said central monitoring of the Sialkot Safe City project should take place at the Punjab Safe Cities Authority headquarters in Lahore. The Chairman of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce states that Sialkot exports 2.5 billion annually, and the Safe City Project is the city’s lifeline.

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