Wapda Plans Medical College in Lahore

Wapda plans medical college in Lahore

The Wapda Medical College Trust is about to open Lahore Medical College after the Lahore Development Bureau has changed the rules that allow exemptions from charitable land conversion fees. Dawn learned that the Medical College was built in Phase II (Abdul Satter Eddie Road) in Wapdatown and the agency has allocated 47 channels. According to the document, in 2019 the Wapda Medical College Trust demanded that the LDA be exempt from exchange fees in excess of Rs 54 million. This case was approved by the Audit Committee at a meeting in August 2019. However, you will need to pay a conversion fee, provide a 30-foot houseline, and have adequate on-site parking in accordance with LDA building and zone regulations.

The project owner (Wapda) requested installments, which were also approved in November 2019, allowing applicants to pay in eight installments, each in excess of Rs 6.8 million. WapdaTrust couldn’t do that either. In June of this year, Wapda had more time to deposit conversion fees while waiting for the Federal  Revenue Service (FBR) final decision, where Wapda’s application to register a trust as a nonprofit was being made. I asked for. It was processed. However, the LDA Land Use Regulation 2020 does not include such provisions, so the  LDA rejected the application.

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