Development of Towns Under PRS in Sindh

PRS town in sindh

As part of Sindh’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), towns, as well as village development plans, will be developed in an area 30 kilometers from Chuhar Jamali, a Rural Growth Center. Development plans include apartments, sidewalks, sewers, drinking water, and kitchen gardens and he said the integration of infrastructure and services around the city of Chuhar Jamari will help alleviate poverty and improve people’s living standards. Kaiser Ben Gali, Senior Economist and Strategic Advisor for the Sind Union Council Community and Economic Strengthening Support (SUCCESS).

EU Success Technical Assistance Team Leader Catherine Ennis Carter said the Sindh Government has approved and funded PC1 for the pilot project. Plans for schools, water and sewage facilities, etc. have been approved and hospital construction is underway. She wanted the construction of these projects to begin soon. Dr. Faisal Ahmed Ukairi, Planning Secretary of the Sindh Department of Planning and Development, praised him.

Thanks to Emperor Bengal and his team for their efforts, saying that the project will end in December. In addition to improving town-to-market infrastructure, the PRS of Sindh’s government works to increase the quality and availability of education, healthcare, and water supply. A quality road network would be constructed to facilitate access to the rural growth centers.

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