PA Urged the Federal Government to accept the Demands of Gwadar People

Punjab Assembly seeks acceptance of Gwadar protesters demands

Punjab Assembly urges the federal government to acknowledge Gwadar’s demands without delay. PMLN MP Samiullah Khan submitted the resolution to the Palestinian Authority on Thursday. He said this House of Representatives has asked the federal government to listen to the grievances of the residents of Gwadar, who have been protesting for days, and to prioritize solving their problems. The resolution said in connection with the protesters included a large number of women and children and they took to the streets for their legitimate demands. Gwadar has played a vital role in the progress of the country and ignoring its residents would be unwise for the government, he said and demanded that the federal government act immediately. immediately to improve the situation by law and order after correcting the protester’s grievances.

Since Monday, a number of women and their children have taken to the streets of the port city in solidarity with a movement launched to defend the rights of Gwadar and other locals in Macron. Protesters, including women who arrived in the city of Gwadar from Turbat, Omar, Dzhevani, Pasni, and other parts of the Gwadar region, held rallies. Protesters say  Gwadar residents have been deceived by the name of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and have been denied benefits.

In addition, fishermen were deprived of livelihood opportunities, cross-border trade was banned, and people were deprived of health, education, water supply, and other basic amenities. Similarly, the drug mafia, with the acquiescence of the local administration, engaged in the drug and alcohol trade, turning young people into drug addicts, stating that the local government abolished liquor stores and took no action against drugs. business.

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