Green Construction In Real Estate: What It is and Why It is So Important?

Green Construction In Real Estate: What It Is And Why It Is So Important?

The time has arrived when we as human beings have to understand the meaning of sustainable development and the meaning of life. We all need to know that we should be concerned about how we can protect our environment. As a result, we need to take action now and not later, because if we do not do anything now, it will be too late as the effects of global warming and climate change will be felt by future generations.

Green construction can play a significant role in mitigating these problems and we need to understand this issue. We also need to understand that green building is not simply about using materials made from recycled content and conserving energy, but it is more than this and we need to know about this. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help protect the environment by using green design principles in Pakistani real estate development when constructing your next commercial property or home, read this article carefully.

What Are Green Buildings?

According to the definition of National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), a green building is defined as a “building that increases the economic value of a property through improved occupant satisfaction, improved usability and/or decreased operating costs; incorporates one or more elements intended to increase its marketability or appeal over time; and reduces its impact on environmental resources.”

Why Pakistan Should Focus on Green Buildings?



Pakistan is a country with more than 22 million current population. It needs 1.8 million houses annually to fulfill this requirement and efforts are being made to build quality mass housing by the public and private sector, but very little attention has been given to the construction material that is used in the house building process. This article discusses the importance of green building material or sustainable development material in the construction industry.

Pakistan is ranked at 4th position in the world for Thermal Power generation, which leads to an increase in air pollution and making it difficult for us to breathe fresh air resulting in different kinds of respiratory problems. It has been estimated that 500 million cubic meters of thermal waste are generated by coal-fired power plants every year in Pakistan. To decrease this waste and to save the environment, we need to use recycled construction materials such as brick, block, and glass miscellaneous.

An Important Aspect of Green Construction
Green building

It is worth noting that green building is not only important for how it protects our environment, but also because of its benefits to productivity. This means that green construction can help companies save money by making these properties more profitable investments. These are just some of the ways in which green building plays a role in easing the problems caused by global warming.

We must realize that there are many ways in which green construction can play a significant role in protecting our planet from global warming and climate change. From reducing carbon emissions and creating more sustainable communities, to improving the quality of life for people and boosting the real estate sector in Pakistan, green buildings are a win-win situation.

  • Save Construction Cost

We can also learn how green construction can save us more money if compared with conventional construction techniques by looking at the simple advantage of using renewable energy sources, such as solar power to provide electricity in homes and businesses. A new development in this field is the use of geothermal systems for providing heating of buildings, which have been around for some time now but are becoming more of a viable option since they actually help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The carbon footprint that must be considered when it comes to sustainable development goes beyond just buildings or individual actions on an individual level. We need to understand that one building occupied by people who drive cars has just as much impact on our planet, if not more than someone living alone in an apartment. This is why we need to seriously consider taking action and encouraging companies to take green construction projects in Pakistan because it needs to be a company-wide effort that makes sense financially.

  • Think Beyond Than New Designs & New Materials

We also need to understand that the focus of green building should not be about coming up with new designs or materials, but more importantly, this should revolve around how we can make our homes and businesses more environmentally friendly while still being cost-effective in the long run. For example, things like solar panels for heating water could significantly reduce a person’s energy costs without having a negative impact on their home value.

Final Thoughts

Green construction in the Pakistani real estate industry has been a focus for many decades. It is time that Pakistan, and other countries around the world, start taking note of these important developments to ensure they are able to prevent global warming from worsening. The country should be looking at green buildings as an opportunity rather than something out of reach or too difficult to change. In order for people all over Pakistan to have access to sustainable building materials, it will take some initiative on behalf of government officials and private companies alike.


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