Operation against defaulters being launched by WASA


LAHORE: The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has decided to crack down on its defaulters indiscriminately.

At a recovery review meeting held here on Thursday, WASA Ghufran Ahmed made the decision. In his words, the defaulters would not be allowed a break.

A meeting with the Revenue Director, Deputy Revenue Director, and Assistant Revenue Director was held. MD WASA requested that Director Revenue Athar Mahmood speed up the recovery operations after being briefed about the revenue situation by MD Mahmood.

There were special instructions from MD WASA aimed at punishing all defaulters without discrimination.

  1. WASA also ordered that defaulters not paying their outstanding dues within the stipulated period be disconnected from water supply. Furthermore, he instructed to form teams to conduct a survey in each town to look for illegal connections.

In recovery operations and the continuance of illegal connections, he stressed no negligence would be tolerated. WASA must enact strict water loss prevention mechanisms to prevent water loss.

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