Islooites Demand Restoration Of Routine Water Supply

Water Supply

Islamabad: In Sector G-13, residents have asked the civic agency to reestablish their routine water supply because otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for them to cope with the ongoing heatwave.


It is not only frustrating for residents but also contributing to the effects of a heatwave that has gripped the city in recent days.

The demand for oil is enormous, and yet the price the tankers are charging to their customers is not regulated. Those living in the suburbs are the most affected because they have to buy water from tanker mafias who charge them at will.

Water tankers were previously supplied for Rs 1,500 before the shortage, but are now being demanded Rs 3,500 to 5,000 due to the short supply.

Residents are suffering from a lack of clean water for drinking and other domestic purposes since there is no regular supply in accordance with demand.

Additionally, the water management division of the civic agency has formed teams to keep a watchful eye on the pipelines for leaks and theft of water. Whenever they receive a complaint regarding water leakage or theft, these teams are on hand to respond immediately.

In Sector G-13, a resident reported that the supply of water has declined day by day, to the point that they don’t have a choice but to pay huge amounts to the tanker mafia in order to get water.

“The tanker mafia is taking advantage of people’s misery. Our gaze is fixed on the relevant authorities and we hope to see water being supplied regularly to this region again,” he said.


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