Sindh bans Agricultural Land for Housing Societies

Karachi: A news source reports that Sindh’s Environment Minister, Ismail Rahoo, expressed concern over the rapid encroachment of housing societies onto agricultural land. Rahoo also banned the acquisition of any agricultural land by housing societies.

The Minister noted in a statement that the purchase of agricultural land by residential societies was contributing to food shortages and increased pollution of the environment. These issues will become increasingly difficult to deal with in the future.

The agricultural economy and the environment would both be adversely affected by acquiring agricultural land and turning it into a residential society. In addition to wheat, rice, and cotton, there might also be shortages of important staple crops.

Shortage of water within, Sindh caused by the recent heat wave meant had also negatively affected the production of important crops. On agricultural lands, it was observed that most residential societies were built without completing the legal requirements.

The government will take strict measures against anyone cultivating fertile lands illegally in urban or rural areas for the development of residential colonies.

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