Staff Needed in RDA to Proceed RWP Ring Road and Leh Expressway Projects

shortage of staff in RDA to proceed Mega Projects

The Rawalpindi Ring Road and Leh Expressway Flood Channel projects may face delays due to openings in important positions at the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Both major projects are in the early stages of development, and the prime minister is likely to lay the foundation for them on December 25. RDA has vacant positions in the metropolitan planning, estate management, land, and engineering directorates, For the previous three years, the chairs have been vacant. Likewise, four deputy directors, eight assistant directors, five survey draftsperson, and 14 building inspectors were needed in the engineering, planning, and housing estate management departments.

The RDA is the administrative body for both megaprojects, and it is having significant issues forming project management units. The RDA has forwarded suggestions to the Punjab government for hiring on the vacant seats, according to sources, but no action has been made yet. Six RDA DGs have been replaced in the last 30 months, even though the director-general is intended to serve the civic agency for three years. Currently, the Rawalpindi commissioner also working as the authority’s director-general. Separate PMUs would be established for the Leh Expressway Flood Channel and Rawalpindi Ring Road projects, according to the RDA chairman, so that work on them can be accelerated.

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