Supreme Court Orders to Raze Popular Nasla Tower on 27 Oct

demolition of Karachi’s Nasla Tower

Pakistan’s Supreme Court last month rejected a review request asking the court to revoke the order to demolish the Nasla Tower. The ordinance states that Karachi’s Commissioner must file a report on compliance with the Supreme Court’s instructions and ensure that the building is vacated. They also add that the one who ignores the court laws the court will take legal action against them.

The order was given on the 12th of October and they said that they will demolish this on 27th October, 15 days were given to them.  The matter was taken by three personalities Gulzar Ahmed, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) and comprising Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan and Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed to SC’s Karachi registry. There was a city commissioner present before the court.

The commissioner was instructed by the court that the Nasla tower people should not get affected and all-around people also.  The builder was also instructed that registered buyers of commercial and residential give back their money. The court also gave the date of 26th October to them.

The court had stated in its verdict that “after examining the entire file and examining the reports of all the organizations and departments involved, we do not doubt that the tower in question (the Nasla Tower) was indeed built on degraded land which, among other things, also blocked a service road.

He also added that this is illegal and the main reason is that problems are being noticed that’s why it must be razed. The Supreme Court also ordered the Karachi Commissioner to evacuate all people from the building and seize it immediately, start and complete the demolition process as soon as possible and file a report with the court.

Subsequently, earlier this month, the district administration notified the residents of the Nasla Tower and ordered them to vacate the 15-story building by October 27, otherwise, they would have to take coercive measures from the competent authorities.

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