The CPEC and CSR projects in Gwadar are being reviewed and appreciated

Gwadar: COPHC’s and other firms’ CSR initiatives are headed in the right direction, but positive community relations are crucial for long-term project success, according to a news source.

Chairman of Gwadar Port stressed the need to satisfy the residents of Gwadar and reunite them through CSR. Gwadar’s authorities place the highest priority on drinking water and electricity. CPEC

Gwadar’s local communities are being prioritized through numerous steps. The construction of a desalination plant, capable of producing 1.2 million gallons of water, is currently underway. It will become operational in six months.

There will also be a modern Pak-China Vocational Technical Training Institute that will provide an extensive three-year program of training to the local youth. In addition, around 3,000 solar panels have also been given to the poorest communities in Gwadar.

Water and electricity will be provided to the city in five months as part of the short-term strategy for the project. In addition, the Pakistani Trading Corporation has been authorized to import a third of its cargoes at Gwadar, and the motorway M-8 has been completed.

The long-term strategy stresses the construction of LNG and POL terminals at the Gwadar port, as well as the provision of electricity, water, and gas to allow phase-2 expansion of the port.


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