The Federal Govenment is Planning to Build 2,392 Economical Housing Units at Sangjani Islamabad

Low Cost Housing Units

The Federal Government is planning to build 2392 Economical housing units in the Sangjani area of Islamabad under Naya Pakistan Housing Project (NPHP).

According to the Ministry of Housing and Works, the PC-I of the housing scheme has been approved.
But the land transfer and other procedures are in progress on the housing scheme. and they also added that 45,000 low-priced housing units are under construction all over the country.

They said it included four recently Establish projects contain a number of 11,000 housing units at LDA City
Lahore, Jalozai Housing Scheme, Nowshera, Alipur Farash, Islamabad, WWF, Zone-V, Islamabad, and Punjab Peri-Urban Housing Scheme was recently inaugurated at Sargodha.

As Per Sources, The Government has chosen 20 districts of Punjab where they construct 10,000 low-cost housing units and 11 locations for these units are Plan for opening in near future, and 12 have already been launch. And this project is an opportunity for low-income citizens because of its easy installments, the monthly mortgage installments for these houses would be less than Rs10,000 per month.

The Ministry also stated that 19,298 low-cost housing units have been completed, out of which, Akhuwat has financed 15,734 units.

The Sources Said, the private sector is also the part of Economical Housing Project, and as a result, they complete 19,298 low-cost housing units and of which 15,734 units are financed by Akhuwat Foundation.
Akhuwat is a nonprofit organization based in Pakistan that works to create a poverty-free society. and the private sector submitted 230 proposals from the private sector to Construct over 3 million houses under the Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA).

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