Changes in governing bodies caused delays in projects: RDA

RDA budget


Rawalpindi: A news article reports that RDA is experiencing considerable delays in the execution of its projects due to the lack of a policy-making forum and governing body.

According to previous reports, the Rs2,287 million RDA budget for the financial year 2022-23, which had been approved by the now-dissolved finance subcommittee on May 30, has fallen victim to red tape, since the Punjab government did not approve the budget without the chairman and members of the RDA’s governing body present.

According to earlier reports, the RDA was seeking Rs2.287 billion from the Punjab government to fund various development projects, including the Rawalpindi Ring Road, Leh Expressway and flood channel projects.

Additionally, Rs395 million has been allocated for non-development expenditures such as salaries, pensions, utilities, and maintenance.

As a result of changes in governing authorities in the province, development projects have been slowed down. New projects are being halted, and planning for new ones has been halted in order to reduce progress to zero for the projects currently pending implementation.

A fiscal budget has not yet been approved by RDA’s governing body, which has been provisionally approved by its financial subcommittee in the absence of a governing body.

The RDA employee housing society is one of many RDA mega projects that is currently frozen under the new director-general. In addition, despite serving as the primary executing agency, the authority has been unable to progress with megadevelopment projects.

There are still a number of incomplete projects in Rawalpindi such as the Rawalpindi Ring Road, the Leh Expressway, the refurbishment and extension of Kachehri Chowk and the refurbishment and extension of Defence Chowk.

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