RDA Warns Citizens to Invest in Illegal Housing Schemes

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has condemned the unauthorised construction of housing projects. In an interview with the media, Director-General Tahir Zafar Abbasi of the RDA has disclosed that several illegal and unauthorised housing schemes are operating without getting the civic agency’s no-objection certificates (NOCs).

The Director-General also ordered the authorities involved to take strict action against illegal housing schemes, according to the RDA spokesperson. In addition, he called for the authorities to take all necessary steps to satisfy aggrieved parties. It is estimated that Rawalpindi has over 300 illegal and fake housing societies.

RDA officials claim there are 68 fake housing societies in different parts of the Chakri area, while 275 illegal housing societies exist in Kotli Sattian, Paswal, Bajjar, Taxila, New Murree, Patriata, Jhika Gali, Baroha, Manga, Chak Bailey, Jando, Fateh Jhang Road, Jalala, Masyari Expressway, Chattar, Charlot, Salgaran, Salkhitar, Dahagal, Kak, Chaklala, Kalial, Pind Nasrullah, Niko, Wani, Katia, Jhal Yari, Angori, Nimbal, Khatar, Ghora Gali, Garja, Adiala, Jodia and other areas.

To know the progress of housing projects before investing in them, RDA recommends citizens contact the Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MPTE) Directorate, or they can visit RDA’s website.

Furthermore, the RDA requested that the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority instruct private television stations not to broadcast advertisements for illegal housing societies. The RDA suggested that occupants of these fake housing societies get in touch with them as soon as possible so as to build a case against their owners.


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